Bob Birge's Irish Eyes Are Smiling

September 13, 2009 6:29 AM

Weis' foolish play-calling costs Irish at Michigan

How much more of this must Notre Dame fans endure?

Notre Dame's supposed improved defense proved to be anything but in Saturday's 38-34 loss at Michigan. It's unfathomable the Irish could give up 38 points to a freshman quarterback making his second career start.

Also unfathomable was the reckless play calling in the final minutes by the most over-hyped coach in the Football Bowl Subdivision. That of course would be our man Charlie.

Instead of milking the clock and forcing Michigan to use all its timeouts, he has Jimmy Clausen attempt a home run pass. Once that second-down pass was incomplete, the Irish were almost forced to pass on third down, which played right into the hands of the Wolverines, who got the ball back with two timeouts and more than two minutes remaining for their winning drive.

We swear, this was about Weis' inflated ego. He couldn't merely try win the game - he wanted to be flamboyant, reminding everybody he's Charlie Weis, the offensive genius. He lived by the pass and then he died by the pass.

It's akin to the gambler who foolishly goes for broke on one hand of Black Jack. Sure, there is a reward, but the risk is too great.

Then Notre Dame got beat by a freshman signal-caller with one game under his belt. Amazing, just amazing.

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