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September 17, 2009 1:17 PM

Buccanner and Bills Fans Sing the Same Song

Listen to the hard-core fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Buffalo Bills and you get the feeling you're talking to the same people.

Tampa Bay fans are seeing the bright side of a 34-21 loss to Dallas that embarrassed the Buc secondary. They are talking about how great Cadillac Williams looked, they're talking about the offensive line and the running game and the 276 passing yards that Byron Leftwich racked up.

They see this glass half full, as does the Buccaneer leader -- Raheem Morris. Rah promises to clean up the mess that left poop all over the defensive backfield he once oversaw. He promises that the sins of safety Sabby Piscatelli won't be repeated. Indeed, Piscatelli was out of position often and wound up observing the rear-ends of Dallas receivers as they paraded into the Buccaneer end zone on three big plays.

But Piscatelli wasn't the only secondary sinner -- Jermaine Phillips and cornerback Elbert Mack looked foolish several times.

Still, the Bucs fans are giddy over that ground game and think their team will run all over the Bills.

Likewise, Bills fan is lamenting the "giveaway" to the Patriots on Monday night football. Indeed, the Bills had it in the bag, it was there for the taking had it not been for a fateful kickoff fumble and typical heroics down the stretch from the surgically-repaired Tom Brady.

Terrell Owens was silent after the loss but began his media recovery this week.

"We handed them a win," said TO, the ultimate NFL attention-hog. TO even began the process of stepping on his quarterback, Trent Edwards. "Trent has to better assess what he's seeing out there."

Nice work, TO.

Still, Bills fans are still in their "honeymoon" period with TO. They say this is not the TO we all know so well, they tell us that this TO needs a chance.

As if he hasn't had plenty.

What both fans of these teams will tell you is that this is a huge game.

Buffalo needs to reassure its faithful that it won't blow games in the last minute. It needs to pounce on a team that the national media views as a gang of rebuilding pirates.

Buccaneer fans know they don't want to be oh-for-two coming home to face perhaps the most powerful team in the NFC -- the New York Giants.

Yep, both teams need this game.

And that should make it quite a struggle for both.

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