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September 11, 2009 5:36 PM

Buccanners' 'Caddy' Makes His Comeback

The Cadillac is back.

He's out of the repair shop, out of the garage, back on the football field.

Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, the pride and joy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer backfield will start against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

He'll have all of Tampa pulling for him in this home opener of the 2009 NFL season. It's an amazing comeback story. Consider the fact that he's blown out both patella tendons (knees) in back-to-back seasons.

Then consider that here he is, getting the nod over the touted Derrick Ward and the steady Earnest Graham as the Buccaneer starter.

All three will get their carries, but it is Williams that is a true marvel.

"He has great heart and great strength," says rookie head coach Raheem Morris.

Indeed the team is inspired by Williams and it was a theme during training camp. His hard work in the preseason games earns him the start on Sunday.

Tampa's game plan under the new regime is run first, pass second.

That means Cadillac better hit the road hard, Ward better be good and Graham better get the important short yardage plays.

Together, they need to stand out, they need to achieve.

If they don't, quarterback Byron Leftwich becomes a target in the pocket and this Tampa Bay team could struggle mightily.

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