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September 14, 2009 6:59 PM

Bucccaneers Must Handle Two Big Losses

Raheem Morris called it a "huge loss," and he wasn't talking about the Sunday afternoon defensive fiasco that cost his team immensely in that 35-21 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Losing to the Cowboys was bad enough, losing his best offensive lineman made it all the worse.

Morris confirmed Monday that center Jeff Faine is lost for what could be four-to-six weeks with a torn bicep tendon. "It depends on the pain and when he can go," Morris said of Faine's projected return.

In the meantime, Jonathan Compas, a player claimed off waivers from Oakland, of all places, takes Faine's spot at center. Compas, a rookie from Cal-Davis, must now fill in for the team's best offensive lineman.

That bad news comes on the heels of the home loss that saw Tony Romo throw for a career high 353 yards that was spurred by three bombs of 80, 66 and 42 yards against a secondary that seemed confused at best, particularly Sabby Piscatelli.

Morris refused to make excuses. His predecessor, Jon Gruden, would have made plenty.

Not Morris.

"We're not into pointing fingers. Every man in the room has to be accountable. Sabby, he's accountable right now. He cannot be a hindrance. As a man, he's accountable. We'll get him going right."

The meltdown of the secondary goes back to the suspension of Tanard Jackson, who will miss three more games.

Morris never used that as an excuse.

On the positive side, Morris was quick to point out: "We won the offensive phase, we lost the defensive phase and we lost the kicking game phase."

The offensive phase was spurred by Cadillac Williams, who ran Sunday with a vengeance. He ran hard and hit holes quickly, and notched 97 yards on 13 carries for the afternoon. He put life in the home crowd and life in the passing game.

Indeed, quarterback Byron Leftwich played well, passed for 276 yards with no interceptions , as did receivers Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton, who had a great afternoon with five catches for 93 yards.

And Morris didn't hesitate to point that out.

"This young Tampa Bay Buccaneer team is gonna be a good football team and I'm gonna tell them that."

Morris said don't blame the mistakes on the new defense. "Don't blame the scheme," he said quickly.

"It's about making the play you're supposed to make."

Accountability and honesty from a head coach.

Even after a loss, it's a new day in Tampa Bay.

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