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September 23, 2009 6:57 PM

Gaines Adams: Is This His Last Stand?

Perhaps, just perhaps, this might be the beginning of the end for Gaines Adams.


That's a fair question as his name hasn't surfaced much when you check the defensive stats for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

That's Gaines Adams, defensive end, whose name is rarely called during games. His efforts against Dallas and Buffalo have produced no sacks and only four tackles.

That's totally anemic for a guy taken with the fourth overall pick in the draft a few years back.

He has a giant target on his back, as far as Buccaneer faithful are concerned.

He has a giant target on his back with head coach Raheem Morris. Morris has voiced his displeasure with Adams, called him out during training camp, called him out again last week and now you have to ask yourself:

"Is this the beginning of the end for Adams?"

Unless he comes up with a huge game against the New York Giants on Sunday, the answer is probably "yes!"

Morris won't hesitate to take playing time away from Adams and if he can find a worthy replacement, Adams may be destined for the bench and next year, the waiver wire.

Is Adams worried.

"Not at all," he says and that is perhaps why he's in danger of demotion.

"He (Adams) is not getting it done," Morris said frankly, and that in itself should send a wake up call to No. 90.

But Adams isn't the only one to blame on the Buccaneer defense. The total of 24 missed tackles weren't all his.

"Twenty-four missed tackles is embarrassing," said tackle Chris Hovan. "If no one wants to say it, I'll say it."

He said it. And he's right.

Missed tackles galore, a first-round pick who appears unmotivated at best, it's all embarrassing.

Very embarrassing.

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