Buccaneer Bow Shots

September 3, 2009 12:38 PM

Happy Birthday, Raheem Morris...

Happy birthday, Raheem Morris.

Today, you have reached the ripe old age of 33.

It's young by life's standards. You are an infant by NFL coaching standards.

Yet here you are, ready to embark on the dangerous waters of the 2009 football season, armed with a re-tooled team that will try and compete using high-energy, fast-tempo and aggression.

While you think about that, Raheem, here are some gifts for you from some well-known names in the world of football media:

Peter King, the Yoda of Sports Illustrated has this prediction for the Buccaneers:

He sees the team going 4-12, and places the Buccaneers ahead of lowly Detroit, a team he sees finishing 3-13.

Scott Reynold of Tampa's Pewter Report has this for you:

"I see them struggling to be a .500 team...."

Clark Judge of has this for you:

"Freeman (Josh) will start at some point -- the only question is when....."

Mike Florio, the grand master of has this:

"The wheels are coming off this franchise. I get the feeling the Bucs are slipping into the bad organizational category.
And this:

"I do preseason power rankings. I'm trying to come up with objective reasons not to put them 32. I don't know how in the world they're going to turn this around quickly."

Florio's number for Tampa Bay: "5-11."

Dan Sileo, a talk show host on WDAE radio and former NFL player:

"The Bucs and Jaguars, they might combine for nine wins, five from one, four from the other..."
Sileo's number for Tampa Bay: 4-12.

Adam Schein and Rich Gannon (former Raider qb) from NFL Sirius radio had this gem for Raheem:

"One of the five worst..."

Then there's the gift of odds.

SBG Global posts the Bucs' chances:

Super Bowl: 50-1
Win NFC: 25-1
Win NFC South: 5-1

The reason: "This team has too many questions."

And finally, a bit of hope from popular WDAE afternoon host Steve Duemig:

"They're not going to be as bad as some people say they are."

Happy birthday, Raheem Morris. Blow out the candles and get back to work. It won't be easy this season, but then again, it's hard for every team.

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