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September 3, 2009 6:17 PM

Jagodzinski Fired, One Buc Place Is A Mess

This all looks for very, very bad for Raheem Morris, your rookie head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Here he was, on his birthday, getting up in front of the gathered media to explain the firing of his offensive coordinator, Jeff Jagodzinski, a mere 10 days before the 2009 season opener against Dallas.

Say what you want, Morris was nervous and uneasy with the explanation.

He kept saying that the offense needs "more precision, more direction."

What he wasn't saying is that it is more than likely that he and Jagodzinski were simply not seeing things eye-to-eye.

They weren't on the same page. Most likely, Jagodzinski was not thrilled with the prospect of starting Byron Leftwich, among other things.

Morris denied that as a reason.

You can bet it was one of several reasons that Jagodzinski, former head coach at Boston College, is out of work as of Thursday.

Morris said of the decision: "This one is on me and Mark Dominik."

Fair enough.

The Buccaneers claim that Jagodzinski was asked to flip-flop jobs with quarterbacks coach Greg Olson. Is anyone buying that?

There's nothing to promote staff unity like a demotion and a promotion and keeping both guys in the ranks. Who are they kidding here?

If it was a ploy to get Jagodzinski to quit so the team doesn't have to pay him, then perhaps it worked.

Still, when you hash through all of this, and this will be talked about and sorted out many times between now and the kickoff against Dallas in 10 days, something just doesn't seem right at One Buc Place.

Does it?

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