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September 8, 2009 8:17 PM

Pressure's On Dallas Cowboys, Not Bucs

Come Sunday at 1 p.m., the pressure's on the Dallas Cowboys.

No pressure on the Buccaneers.

High expectations for Cowboys, low expectations for the Buccaneers.

Looming over Dallas is that 600-pound gorilla of an owner -- Jerry Jones. He expects more out of quarterback Tony Romo, he expects more out of head coach Wade Phillips, he expects a Super Bowl.

Not too much pressure.

As for Tampa Bay, most would like for the Buccaneers to compete, make it close, find a chance to win.

Now Raheem Morris will tell you different, but how many in the Buccaneer Nation are drinking the Morris kool-aid?

Fact is, the Bucs best weapon come Monday will be the fact that no one has seen the offense with all its parts in tact.

We're talking wide receiver Antonio Bryant, who has looked well on the practice fields after his knee surgery kept him out of the preseason. We're talking hamstrung Michael Clayton, who was a preseason ghost as was the greatness that is the league's highest paid tight end -- Kellen Winslow Jr.

No one has seen these guys together except for new offensive coordinator Greg Olson, who has about a week on the job.

Now add the starting running back, Cadillac Williams, into the fray and no one's seen him for a long time.

The Bucs Sunday game plan: run the football then throw at will after that mighty run is established. Sounds good enough. Surely Dallas' defense has seen that play before. It's exactly what the New York Giants do and do quite well.

Which shifts the pressure back to Dallas. Romo has the big contract without big results yet.

And the cast around him is well aware of that.

You think they can feel Jerry Jones breathing down their collective necks?

No pressure.

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