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November 24, 2009 3:54 PM

Buccaneers Become A Total Train Wreck

train-wreck.jpgFirst we thought there was hope when big Josh Freeman led the Buccaneers to that throw-back win over the Green Bay Packers. The Oh and 16 possibility was cast by the wayside.

Now standing at a lowly 1-9 and mopping the NFL's basement, the Buccaneers are now a total train wreck.

It's hard to look at but we can't resist. It's waaaaaay too amazing.

Just when you thought the insanity couldn't grow, coach Raheem Morris has thrown defensive coordinator Jim Bates under the bus and will assume the job himself.

That's good Raheem, because that's the job you were originally hired to do. It's the job you should have. You are certainly not ready to be a head coach in the NFL.

And Morris' sidekick, Mark Dominik, isn't any better. Two coordinators hired by this regime have now been given the bum's rush. Jeff Jagodzinski didn't make it to the opening kickoff as offensive coordinator and Bates lasted 10 weeks.

It's all been a waste, starting with training camp and that awful "competition" between the departed Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich, who unceremoniously was placed on injured reserve on Tuesday.

This team's defense ranks 26th overall in the league and dead-last in run defense.

It's horrible, it's awful, it's deplorable and those suffering from all this nonsense are the season ticket holders for the franchise.

Season tickets are beyond expensive and the Buccaneer faithful now face the possiblity of having to wait until the Jets come to town to possibly see another win.

It's ugly and not getting better.

It's totally disgusting and there's not much hope in sight.

Only the April NFL draft.

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