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November 12, 2009 1:28 PM

Buccaneers Leave Fans Wanting More

This is not a joke.

A Buccaneer fan asked after the team's thrilling 38-28 victory over the Packers last week:

"Can we make the playoffs at 9-7?"

Please, please, please curb your enthusiasm! We're talking about the Buccaneers here. Yes, everyone's all giddy about rookie Josh Freeman's debut, the victory and the orange throw-back jerseys.

Now the boys go back to Pewter Power and hit the road to Miami to face the wildcat-happy Dolphins. And if you check the stats, you'll see that even in victory, the Buccaneers still have massive defensive woes. This team has given up at least 28 points in its last four games.

The Buccos went 2-14 the last time they did that.


Fact is, now that they've broken into the win column, common sense asks where the next victory will come from?

Two games with the Saints and two games with the Falcons don't bode well. There's Miami this week then at game at Carolina and the Jets. It all doesn't sit well considering the state of the defense.

Sure those six sacks on Aaron Rodgers were a great thing and three interceptions were pretty tasty. But can they get that kind of performance against  the Dolphins?

They'll need for the special teams to produce again but history says not to expect Freeman to be a world-beater.

After all, there is now video on him.

Yes, perhaps there is  hope for these Buccaneers with Freeman under center. But there are still far too many missing pieces around him.


Can you say Jim Mora Sr.?

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