Crick Down the Legside

August 25, 2009 6:00 AM

Techno trial could be game changer

Does the use of technology support or undermine umpiring decisions? That's really what the debate over the increased use of TV replays boils down to.
The forthcoming ICC Champions Trophy in South Africa in September will strike a blow for the advocates' camp, with umpires able to consult with the third umpire over any marginal calls, although he will still adjudicate over line decisions, hit wicket and boundary referrals.
The genie is now out of the bottle with technology, and given the high stakes of games these days, it's becoming increasingly difficult to justify the pick-and-mix approach. You either use it or you don't.
Which brings us to the pivotal relationship between man and machine. Providing umpires have confidence in their own ability, and see the referral as a valuable aide, I can't see the problem of having it, but equally we can't get into a scenario where every nick or LBW shout is referred upstairs. Decisions must also be made quickly to keep the game flowing.

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