Disorderly Golf

January 18, 2010 8:22 PM

Hawaii? No thanks.

SBS Championship Golf.jpg
Clearest sign that PGA Tour pros make too much money: Eight of the 28 guys who played in the winners-only SBS Championships in Maui the week before decided not to stick around for the Sony Open in Oahu.

Two weeks in Hawaii in January?  Don't be ridiculous.  One is plenty.

Once upon a time, the Hawaiian Open was an important vehicle for promoting travel to the Aloha State.  Scenes of pacific breezes wafting through the palms warmed the hearts of golfers stuck in the winter chill.  This year the effect would have worked on people in Florida, never mind in Chicago or Boston. 
Only one of the World Ranking top ten played at Waialae: Steve Stricker.  One-third of the World Ranking's top one hundred was there.  

A week-long business trip to Honolulu?  I'll pass.

There have been two tournaments so far this year, and despite the absence of You-Know-Who, someone managed to win each of them.  Golf goes on.  

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