Disorderly Golf

January 31, 2010 11:00 PM

No win for Phil

Lefty: A few words of advice.  

1.  Don't throw around words like "slander," and imply that some kind of strong-arm action will follow, either from your attorneys or the Tour.  Man up, say your wedges are ok under the Rules, tell Scott McCarron to stick it where his long putter don't reach, but don't sound like you're waiting for Teacher to come and deal with the Big Nasties.

Ping Eye-2 wedges.jpg
2.  Get the Ping Eye 2 wedges out of your bag.  Sure, they're perfectly legal, thanks to a loophole.  Do you want to send a message that you need the old technology to pull off your short-game magic?  

3.  Callaway gives you a boatload of cash to use their clubs. How does it help them for you to make a point of your right to use the Pings?

4.  If you win with the wedges, a certain percentage of the golfing world is going to think you cheated.  You're in position to be the Tour's designated Good Guy; do you really need this hassle?

Give 'em up.  Use your touch, not your old grooves, to show what you can do.  


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