Disorderly Golf

March 9, 2010 5:26 PM

The one "must" for the start of golf season

It's been a brutal winter, but warmer temperatures in the past few days have had a spring-like effect on my golfer's heart.  There's still a little snow in the corners, but it's nothing like a few weeks ago, when even Augusta National got a deep coat of the white stuff. 

So you're ready to stop shoveling and start swinging.  You probably already know you should be doing a good stretching program, or you'll just trade one set of sorenesses for another.  It's a good idea to change your spikes if you haven't done it in a while; you should put in new softspikes every fifteen rounds or so.  

With a new season starting, there's a temptation to make everything new.  The clubs in the shop are so shiny, the magazines are filled with Hot Lists (I'll share my Hot List picks another time), you're itching just to get out and hit balls.  But there's one thing you should always do before you start a new season:  Get your clubs regripped.

If you haven't gotten into the habit of regripping your clubs, you're giving away shots in every round.  The grip is the only connection between your swing and the club.  If it's a little slick or slippery, it can affect the way you make contact no matter how good and how grooved your swing path may be.  

It's a cheap, simple way to refresh your equipment.  Take them to your pro shop, your local golf store, or do it yourself with components available from golfgrips.comGolfsmith, and many other outlets.  Do it at the start of every season, for about a quarter of the price of the new driver you've been reading about.  

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