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April 30, 2010 12:50 AM

Ireland in the Wrong

IRELAND.bmpThe Miami Dolphins made more news after last week's NFL Draft, and it wasn't the good variety.

As you probably know by now, two days ago it was reported that General Manager Jeff Ireland asked Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute during the annual grilling that passes for a job interview prior to the draft.

By and large, the public reaction has been overwhelmingly negative towards Ireland, who in the face of a story that was growing larger and larger on the Internet, had to release a statement Tuesday in which he apologized to Bryant for the question, and added that he had called Bryant to apologize.

Clearly, this is an astounding lack of judgment from a man in a position of authority.

This isn't a question an employer should ask any prospective employee; I don't care how much information you're trying to obtain, or how much insight you're trying to gain into a player's character.

It was clearly out of line, and Ireland is lucky Bryant didn't reach across the desk and slap him for it.

And what does Ireland learn from asking Bryant that type of question anyways? His mother isn't being drafted, Bryant is. And his family history had already been well-known before Ireland even faced him for their one-on-one.

The question smacks of arrogance from someone who had all the power in an interview setting, and Ireland has rightfully been beaten down for his crass approach.

Would Ireland have enjoyed fielding that kind of question from Bill Parcells when he interviewed for his current position?

It's astounding how careless some people can be without thinking about how their actions affect others.

Now, Ireland did the right thing by apologizing, but it's telling that he didn't offer his mea culpa statement until he was forced to by the Yahoo article in question. And Ireland didn't have the courage to face the media to explain himself, after having the audacity to ask Bryant such a thoughtless question.

Perhaps Ireland is one of those people who decides his position in life gives him the right to offend or demean people as he sees fit, as long as it serves his needs.

Well, I for one am glad Ireland's behavior was exposed, and the Dolphins should reprimand him in some way for his poor judgment. If a player committed the crime, he would certainly be sanctioned or disciplined by his team or the NFL, so why not a general manager?

And as for the people who say it's perfectly legitimate to ask that sort of question before paying someone millions of dollars, I say that's ridiculous.

Do you think other entertainers have to answer those types of questions before they sign multimillion-dollar deals for movies, TV shows or albums?

Absolutely not, because it's irrelevant to their performance and earning power. We've seen enough bad people in the entertainment industry who continue to get second and third and even fourth chances to know that.

I'm hoping that the next time Ireland sticks his head out of the sand to talk to the media, he gets a public grilling about this embarrassing affair.

He not only made himself look foolish, but also the team he represents.

In the end, Bryant showed far more class than a man twice his age did.

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