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April 12, 2010 11:58 PM

Say it ain't so, JT

TAYLOR.bmpOver the last several days, rumors have swirled that Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor could sign with the (gasp) New York Jets.

The same Jets Taylor has helped to torture over the years, a team with whose fans he has enjoyed an adversarial relationship.

The most memorable instance came in the infamous Monday night game in 2000, when the Fins were up 30-7 and appeared headed to an easy victory.

NFL Films miked Taylor during the game, as he mocked Jets fans, and told then-quarterback Jay Fiedler the Jets would never be able to come back.

Well, they did, forcing overtime on their way to a 40-37 win in one of the greatest games in the series.

Now, JT may be trading the aqua-and-white for the kelly green-and-white of the hated Jets.

This is unprecedented, that a Dolphins star would play with the Jets -- even at the end of his career.

There have been instances when a player spent time with both teams -- Bernie Kosar, Ray Lucas and Keith Byars being the best known examples in recent years -- but never has a player of this magnitude in Miami become a Jet.

Reports say the Dolphins are planning to meet with Taylor some time in the next few days, which means they are still in the running for his services.

But even if Miami can't offer what New York is, as a long-time Dolphins fan and observer, I say, don't go JT.

Your reputation in Miami is secure, as one of the greatest defensive players in team history, and a possible Hall-of-Famer.

You've engendered so much good will in this town, and the only way to throw that all away is to end up in New York, on a team Dolphins fans despise more than any other.

To read that you are "excited" by the Jets is revolting. This is the same time that cut your heart out so many times in the past, a team that beat you seven straight agonizing times in the early 2000s, a team with a blowhard coach who can't help but take shots at your Fins.

And now you want to join this renegade crew?

Your brother-in-law Zach Thomas would never do something like that, which he confirmed when, after being released by Miami, there was speculation he would end up with the hated Patriots.

Zach shot down that rumor, saying in effect he could never play for a Dolphins rival; he instead finished his career in Dallas.

You should do the same. Your name will forever be sullied if you sign with the team that gave the world Mark Gastineau and Keyshawn Johnson, and Dolphins fans will find it hard to forgive you -- even if the Jets' rising fortunes and a nice career-ending paycheck do make far more sense than toiling for another year in Miami.

But, think of your fans, of the memories here. Do you really want to be Brett Favre, cast out by Green Bay because he now plays for a division rival?

Your final year (or two) in New York may be forgettable, but not to Dolphins fans who have watched you for so long.

No, JT, a stint in New York could be unforgivable.

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