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January 29, 2011 8:21 PM

Kosar to Miami?

KOSAR.bmpA juicy rumor has made the rounds here in South Florida the last few days, as it was reported that former Miami Hurricanes and Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar met with the Dolphins to talk about an offensive assistant position.

Kosar, 47, has fallen on hard times recently, as he is in the midst of a divorce and has filed for bankruptcy.

But I remember him as one of the smartest QBs of his day, a man who had one of the lowest career interception percentages during his era. He was a backup in Miami for his final three seasons from 1994-96, and it was actually he who suggested the stop clock play to Dan Marino in that infamous game against the Jets.

He would be a nice asset for an offense that struggled to put up points last season, though I read the Patriots are in the running for his services too, despite the clashes Kosar had with Bill Belichick that ended his tenure in Cleveland.

I've heard Kosar on Browns telecasts before, and while his grammar isn't all-star caliber, his analysis and suggestions for offensive play were very good. He could be a real help to the scuffling Chad Henne.

Dolphins draft 15th
The Dolphins are slotted at No. 15 for April's NFL Draft, and according to published reports, General Manager Jeff Ireland plans to take the best player available, regardless of position. The problem is, this year the draft is heavy with defensive players, and light on offensive ones who could make an immediate impact.

I think Ireland's thinking is flawed, and it reminds me of the Dave Wannstedt-Chris Spielman regime in the early part of last decade.

Knowing that Jay Fiedler was not the answer at QB, and already possessing a strong defense with Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, the Dolphins inexplicably passed on Drew Brees in the 2001 draft, and selected corner Jamar Fletcher from Wisconsin, in what is still one of the most infamous draft picks in team history.

A couple of years later, Wannstest and Spielman decided to draft little-known linebacker Eddie Moore instead of a player who could help on offense, speeding the team's untimely demise.

The Dolphins need offensive help, there's no doubt about it. And whether it's on the line, at QB or at running back, they need to make their first choice an offensive player. If there's no one the team feels can help them at 15, then trade down for more picks, but still choose offense first. This regime is starting to give me bad flashbacks to Wannstedt, and that's not good.

Packers-Steelers thoughts
It certainly was nice to see the loudmouth Jets shown the door in the AFC Championship, and strange to see the Jay Cutler saga unfold in the NFC title game.

If I would have consulted my preseason picks, I would have realized that for the second straight year I picked Green Bay to reach the Super Bowl, but I was too stupid to follow my own advice, and picked Chicago instead. My other Super Bowl finalist, the Houston Texans, were gone by Week 14, an embarrassing choice indeed.

I'll make my official pick next week, but this looks like it could be one of the great Super Bowls in recent memory. Both defenses are strong, and this is one of the best QB matchups in Super Bowl history.

Dolphins DVD on sale
The Dolphins finally got the NFL Films treatment, as their team history is available in a two-DVD set. I saw one today at Best Buy for $30, and I may have to get it the next time I see it. The question is, what are they going to do to fill that second DVD, since so many of the team's greatest moments came in the first 20 years of its history?

By the way, NFL Network is broadcasting one of my favorite NFL Films programs, the Super Bowl Highlights series they show each year at this time. I'm currently watching the Dolphins' first Super Bowl appearance against Dallas, which will be followed by their victory over the Redskins in Super Bowl VII to complete the Perfect Season. Feels like a such a long time ago.

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