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October 24, 2011 1:30 AM

Dolphins give away game to Tebow, Broncos

TEBOW2.jpgDon't let the media and breathless television commentators fool you: The Dolphins' 18-15 overtime loss to Denver was not the result of Tim Tebow's heroics, but rather was the product of a colossal chain of errors by a rightfully winless team.

Ahead 15-0 with under three minutes to play, the Dolphins inexplicably abandoned the defensive style that had given them the lead. Instead, it appeared defensive coordinator Mike Nolan went into a prevent defense, when the pass rush had sacked Tebow six times to that point, and harrassed him into 4 of 14 passing for a paltry 40 yards.

Nolan sat back, the defense gave up underneath coverage, and even Tebow was able to string together a drive that led to a TD.

Then came the ill-fated onside kick, where Marlon Moore went high into the air and had the football in his hands, only to drop it after getting thumped.

Denver tight end Daniel Fells made the ensuing drive's biggest play, making a superb diving catch at the Miami 4-yardline to set up the tying TD, though the announcers would have you believe Tebow should have received the credit for an incredible pass rather than giving Fells his just due for a superb effort.

Then came the two-point conversion to tie the game, and Nolan's inexplicable decision not to plug the middle in case Tebow ran the ball, which I'm sure most of the crowd at Sun Life Stadium knew he would do.

Why respect the threat of a pass, when Tebow is about as accurate as the old man who three times has falsely predicted the world would come to an end on a specific date, yet continues to issue a new date of destruction?

Tebow took the ball in on the keeper, and it was on to overtime.

You knew what would happen next.

Matt Moore was crushed and fumbled the ball, as Denver linebacker D.J. Williams beat another of Jeff Ireland's prized free agent signings, right tackle Marc Colombo.

With possession of the ball once again, Denver didn't even try to put the ball in Tebow's hands, just as they hadn't on the first possession of overtime, because they know Tebow can't beat anyone throwing the ball consistently.

So, after three runs into the line, Matt Prater kicked the game-winning field goal from 52 yards. Incredibly, Miami called timeout before the first effort to ice Prater when he had already missed twice from shorter distances in the first half. What the point of that was, only Tony Sparano knows.

It was a comedy of errors to be sure, one that leaves Miami 0-6 and on track to go 0-16. And that Kansas City game that appeared to be a gimme? Well, don't look now, but the Chiefs have won three straight to climb back into playoff contention, and are no longer pushovers. That makes 0-16 a very real possibility.

The front office has made bad decisions in putting this team together, and Tony Sparano and his staff have not made good gameday decisions.

Reportedly, Stephen Ross said Sparano would remain the coach before he jetted to Seattle, but those are hollow words. Make no mistake, Sparano is living on borrowed time, and the axe will drop soon.

As for Tebow, the Dolphins merely burnished what has been a false NFL legacy with this latest meltdown. He is not a good NFL quarterback, and he surely will be exposed sooner rather than later, which can't happen fast enough, so his legions of blind worshippers can finally see the error of their ways.

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