Eye of the Panther

June 24, 2009 6:16 AM

Delhomme's New Deal A Bad One?

There is usually a strong correlation between an NFL team's success on the field and the amount of respect given to that team's quarterback.

But that hasn't proven true for Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme.

The Panthers have won an NFC Championship, made a Super Bowl appearance, and posted the fifth best record in the National Football League over the last seven seasons with Jake Delhomme as their starting quarterback.

And yet, Delhomme remains an underrated and unsung player despite having the fifth highest winning percentage among active NFL quarterbacks.

His new contract with the Panthers (a $30 million deal) was even attacked by many as being a bad move on Carolina's part.

But was it?

We don't think so.

If Delhomme stays healthy and continues to play well, $30 million for a proven and successful NFL quarterback is a bargain price given the rapidly escalating player salaries of the current era.

And most of the money in the contract is deferred over the long-term and/or incentive-based.

Eye of the Panther's take on Delhomme's new deal? 

It's a good deal for the Carolina Panthers...and for Jake Delhomme as well.

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