Eye of the Panther

September 30, 2009 5:10 PM

What A Difference A Year Makes...

Think things are going badly for the Panthers right now?

You're right.

They are.

No doubt about that.

But the Cats have plenty of company these days.

In fact, FIVE of last season's eight division champions have losing records in 2009, including Carolina (0-3), Tennessee (0-3), Pittsburgh (1-2), Arizona (1-2), and Miami (0-3).

What a difference a year makes where the National Football League is concerned....

Is there time for the five winners-turned-losers to turn their seasons around and get themselves back on the winning track?

Sure, there's plenty of time for those five teams to get their acts together and turn their seasons around.

But NFL history isn't on their side.

Teams that struggle in early-season play usually continue to struggle throughout the year.

That's just a cold, hard fact.

And make no mistake about one thing.

All five of those teams (Panthers, Titans, Steelers, Cardinals, and Dolphins) have now played themselves into serious trouble.

Maybe one or two of them can overcome the odds and save their season(s).

But that's probably about it.

Brace yourself NFL fans, this year's playoffs are going to look a lot different than last year's....

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