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August 12, 2009 8:32 AM

NFL Sleeper Team of 09

Going into the 2009 NFL season there is one team that I believe is a true sleeper.   I am not just talking about a team who might squeak into the playoffs either. I am talking about a legit Super Bowl contender.

A team that has never posted a winning record in franchise history; A team that is constantly overlooked by their three conference rivals, the Colts, Titans and Jaguars.  The Houston Texans, that's right I said it, the 2nd tier team of Texas, the Houston Texans. 

I look at this roster and I do not understand how they are not being talked about amongst the scariest teams in the AFC.  The offense is as potent as it gets with Matt Shaub chucking balls up to Andre Johnson, Kevin Walters and Owen Daniels.  Not to mention the solid running attack from Steve Slaton. 

As impressive as the offense is the improvement on the defensive side has what has made them such contenders this year.  With stars such as Mario Williams and DeMacy Ryans already leading the way, the addition of Brian Cushing out of USC provides them with a potential Pro Bowl caliber LB for the upcoming season, who if anyone watched him in college would know he is a beast.

Having Jaguars enter what some are calling a rebuilding year does not hurt either.  The Colts are the two teams that stand in the Texans way.   The replacement of Indy's coaching staff could prove fatal for them and open the path for the Texans to take the AFC South crown.  A QB controversy between two low tier QBs: Vince Young and Kerry Collins could prove to disrupt the chemistry that carried the team last year.

The biggest question going into the season is whether Shaub can last a full year under center.  Since joining the club in 2007 Shaub has only started 22 games (11 in each year) due to nagging injuries.   If he stays in so does Houston's chances.


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