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August 21, 2009 12:26 PM

NFL Team to Beat in 09

I know there are a lot of people saying the team to beat this year is the reigning champions of the world, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  And they have a great case for it, the Streelers are literally the same team as last year, no key departures or additions, they basically stayed the exact same.  So why wouldn't a team that just won the Super Bowl,  and is as dangerous and proven as the Steelers not be the cream of the crop this year?  One word....Brady.

Tommy Boy is back and judging by his preseason performance, he is really back.   Not only do the Pats get T.B. back, but they also added Derrick Burgess, Fred Taylor, Joey Galloway and a trillion solid draft picks.  Taylor and Galloway are obviously not the players they once were, but you have seen Belichick revitalize careers before (I.E. Randy Moss!!!).

Last year, the Patriots were arguably the best team in the league.  The Pats went 11-5 last year and not since 1985 when the Bronco's matched that record, did a team with 11 wins not make the playoffs.  Once Cassel got into a rhythm he was doing his best Tom Brady impression throwing for 400 yard games every other week. 

Had they not been the first team to run into the Wildcat last year against the Dolphins, they would have easily beaten the Fins.  Just look at the second time they played the fish 48-28 victory, in which the score was even closer than it should have been; they would have won the AFC East and been the 3 seed in the playoffs.  Oh and by the way, they annihilated the Cardinals in week 16, 47-7, just weeks before the Steelers squeaked by them in the Super Bowl.

Bottom line who would you rather your team face next year?  A healthy Belichick/Tom Brady ran team or the defending champions Steelers.  I think the answer is obvious; you do not want to be on the same field as the Pats.  Let the debate begin!


Eric Feld

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