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September 25, 2009 9:34 AM

Breakdown of Indianapolis Colts' 27-23 Victory over Miami Dolphins

Written By Krishna Dhani
The Indianapolis Colts beat the Miami Dolphins, a close game, 27-23. An amazing game by the Colts and Dolphins.

The Colts were playing in Miami on September twenty first. In the first two to three minutes the Colts get the ball and Peyton Manning shoots the ball down to Dallas Clark. Clark gets the ball and breaks a tackle, he runs down and scores the touchdown. This whole touchdown was only 12 seconds or so after the kick-off of the game.

It was Manning's 6,000th pass in his whole career, amazing.

Then the Miami Dolphins come back with the great Ronnie Brown, as Chad Pennington the quarterback hands it off. As soon as Ronnie Brown gets it he dashes down the field for an eight-teen yard touchdown. It was so close as he literally falls into the endzone.

Then the Dolphins make a field-goal making it ten to seven. The Colts repeat the same and tie the game. Then in around the fourth quarter Freeney sacks Pennington with a great amount of force.

At the end Freeney also comes back with a wonderful knock down making Pennington fumble. But sadly the Dolphins get the ball. It was the last two seconds of the game, the Dolphins were under pressure. They had nothing but to go long for the endzone.

So Chad Pennington fires the ball down field with great force. Attempting to make a touchdown, but that didn't happen within the last second the ball was intercepted.

That is probably the best way to end the game for the Colts but not for the Dolphins. Leaving this game with a 27-23 victory for the Colts as they go for their 1,099 win. A glorious day for them.

Colts Passing:

The Colts did good with their passing. It was with a total of 303 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Colts Rushing:

Addai had six carries, 32 yards the whole game. And no touchdowns with a longest run of 14 yards. Donald Brown, the rookie, had four carries, a total of 26 yards, one touchdown, and his longest run was 15 yards.

Colts Receiving:

The Colts did very well in their receiving this game. Dallas Clark had seven receptions, a total of 183 yards, one touchdown, and his longest run was 80 yards. Garcon had one reception, 48 yards total, one touchdown, and his longest run was obviously 48 yards.

Dolphins Passing:

Chad Pennington had a 183 yards total, no touchdowns, and no interceptions.

Dolphins Rushing:

Ronnie Brown got 24 carries, 136 yards total, two touchdowns, and his longest run was 19 yards. Williams got 19 carries, 69 yards total, no touchdowns, and his longest run was 15 yards.

Dolphins Recieving:

Ginn Jr. got 11 receptions, 108 yards total, no touchdowns, and his longest run was 21 yards. Bess got three receptions, 29 yards total, no touchdowns, and his longest run was 18 yards.

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