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September 22, 2009 8:17 PM

Monday Night Football - One Weird Game


The Dolphins and the Colts met Monday night in which was expected to be a fairly close game (the spread being only 3.5 points). The game proved to be a star studded event as all of the Dolphin's new celebrity owners were on hand to witness this crazy game.

The game started off very unconventional as the first play from scrimmage resulted in a 80 yard TD to a TE. Dallas Clark broke free after realing in a ball from Peyton Manning and took it to the house. I can not remember the last time I saw a TE catch a ball for that long.
The Dolphins answered right back with a TD of their own after one of their many powerhouse drives, led by Ronnie Brown and the Wildcat offense.

The main story of the game had to be the dominance of Miami's offense over the Colts. 45 minutes the Fins held the ball compared to just 15 for the Colts. That is ridiculous ball control to say the least.
However it proved to be a lopsided stat as Manning would need only under a combined 4 minutes to put up 2 TDs in the 4th Qtr. One drive of 32 seconds for 80 yards, the other 3 minutes 17 seconds for 79 yards.

The Dolphins completley botched a last attempt drive in which time management and Tedd Ginn's hands were clear issues on all of the Fins Fan's minds.

It was not the final Dolphins offsensive series that lost them the game and it was not Indy's Offense either. The Dolphins D is 100% to blame for this loss.  Maybe the Fins D were distracted by all the new celebrity owners on hand.  Who knows?

Manning gets a ton of credit for the Colt's success and he deserves it, but on this weird Monday night game he was not the reason for the win.  He was the beneficiary of one of the biggest Defensive collapses in Monday Night Football history.


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