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September 14, 2009 2:18 PM

Monday Night Football Picks

This Monday night football fans are treated with two NFL games to kick off the first week of the season.  Both games are sure to be easy betting picks and win a ton of money for anyone making wagers.

The first is Buffalo Bills vs. NE Patriots (-11)

I know there has been hype about the Bills this offseason with the acquisition of T.O. but it is all for nothing.  The Patriots are getting back Tom and that's all that needs to be said.  Yeah, maybe Buffalo will put up a few more points then they would have without T.O. there but this will not make up for what the Pats will do to them tonight.  I especially do not think Belichick will allow a close game as he has been preparing for this game since last January.  With Belichick and Brady running the show, the Pats will cruise for a 20+ point victory over their rivals.

Final Pick - Take Pats -11

The second gimme game: SD Chargers (-10) vs. Oakland Raiders

Chargers are going to destroy the Raiders on national TV tonight.  Jamarcus Russell could not be a bigger bust if he tried.  All SD has to do is focus on Mcfadden and Oak's run game and that should be the end of it.  I know the Raiders added Seymour last week which is nice, but it will not come close to making up for what the Chargers are capable of both offensively and defensive.  With stars such as Rivers, Merriman, and LT looking to light up the stage the Chargers will win by at least 14 points. 

Final Pick - Take Chargers -10

Let me know if you guys think any differently.


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