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September 28, 2009 3:02 PM

Raiders Get Kicked in Teeth by Broncos!

by Kim Phelps who covers the Raiders at KimPhelpsBlog.wordpress

I thought I'd be sorry I had to miss watching the Denver Broncos/Oakland Raiders game yesterday afternoon but I am actually very glad I did. I was traveling on NFL Sunday so I did not get to witness my Raiders go through a very ugly loss, 23-3. My oldest son did keep me up to speed on the score through the internet on his cell phone; I'm just glad there were no pictures.

Last week I touted the Raiders kicker, Sebastian Janikowski, and he lived up to the billing. If it wasn't for him, the Raiders would have probably been shut out yesterday. Let's just hope Janikowski will stay a Raider for the next 20 years or more unless some serious changes take place with this team, namely the owner, coaching staff, and quarterback. Of course it was not just a weak offense that was exposed by the Broncos. The Raider defense allowed the Broncos to rush for a season high 215 yards.

This team may need a complete overhaul at most positions and maybe one day that will happen but I'm afraid as long as owner for life, Al Davis, is involved we will continue to see the same thing season after season. Al, even if you resurrected Vince Lombardi, he could not get enough wins with this team to make the playoffs.

Man, I hate to say but the only bright spot for me was one of my all time favorite ex-U of L Cardinal defensive players, Elvis Dumervil and dog gone it, he's a Bronco. Elvis had two sacks and five solo tackles against the Silver and Black. From what I've seen of Elvis this season it sure did not hurt moving him from defensive end to linebacker. Elvis, sure wish you were a Raider!

Well, this weekend the Raiders will travel to Houston to take on the Texans Sunday afternoon and I'm hoping for a big Silver and Black win. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

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