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September 27, 2009 8:25 AM

Week 3 Fantasy Rankings Part 3: WR/TEs


Here's part three of our three part fantasy rankings. Today is tiered rankings for Wide Receivers and Tight Ends rankings to gear you up for Sunday. It should be noted that these rankings are based on matchups this week and not overall player value.

Lets kick it off with the WRs.

The Jerry Rice Division (These studs are gonna get you the top points and are the most reliable for a huge game this week)

  1. 1. Fitz vs Ind - If Ginn can put up 11 catches imagine what Larry will do.
  2. 2. Andre Johnson vs Jax- AJ  will continue his monster performance against Jacksonville
  3. Reggie Wayne vs Ariz-  Look for him to bounce back from his crappy MNF performance
  4. Randy Moss vs Atl - As long as he is healthy he will always be top a top 5 WR
  5. Steve Smith vs Dal- MNF he will shine, just hope he doesn't punch out someone before and get suspended.

The Shoot Yourself In The Leg Division (In tribute to Plaxico, these guys have potential for a nice game and should definitely be starting in your lineup granted you don't have more then one guy from the Rice division.)

6. Marques Colston vs Buf-  Brady torched Buffalo then TB threw all over them, what do you think Brees will do.

7. Calvin Johnson vs Was - Stafford has no other options.  This could be his breakout game of the year.

8. Anquan Boldin vs Ind - Same as above, if Ginn can do it, like Fitzgerald, Boldin can do it better.

9. Desean Jackson vs KC - This cocky WR will have a huge day again this week vs the Chiefs.  With KC's LB Johnson out, their defense can be even worse (if that's even possible)

10.  Vincent Jackson vs Mia- All he does is make big plays for Phillip Rivers, Miami's D looked as bad as it gets on MNF, a short week and a trip across country won't help them.

11.  Greg Jennings vs STL- Jennings had a quite week against the Bengals, look for him to bounce back against the winless Rams.

The Wayne Chrebet/Ed McCaffrey Division (In honor of our white WRs)

12.  Wes Welker/Julian Edelman - Whichever one ends up playing should have another good game.

The Terrell Owens Division (If you have these guys you are happy, but not really)

13.  TO vs NO- NO's pass defense has looked as bad as it gets this year.  Letting Philly and even Detroit throw all over them.  The Bill's WR should keep this streak going.

14.  Lee Evans vs NO-  See #13

15.  Santonio Holmes vs Cinci - It's the Bugles, and he is Big Ben's go to guy, he could be in line for a big game.

16.  Roddy White vs NE- He is having less production this year due to Tony Gonzo stealing balls from him, I can't believe he is this low on the list going into week 3.

17.  Chad Ochocinco vs Pit- This might be a rough week for him as the Pitt D will be all over Carson Palmer (who is as mobile as a 1 footed turtle)

"Insert a Det. Lions 1st Round Pick Here" Division (Charles Rogers, Mike Williams, even Roy Williams, just not living up to the hype.  These guys below you should be very cautioned before starting"

18.  Roy Williams vs Car- The former Lion deserves to headline this division.

19.  Braylong Edwards vs Balt- Not to many WRs do well against Baltimore, Braylon does not do to well against anyone.

20.  Dwayne Bowe vs Philly- Bowe may have a tough time this week going up against Philly, it seems like no one talks about this guy anymore.

21.  Through 49- Get a new No. 2 WR for your team

50. Tedd Ginn Jr. vs SD - He is pathetic, I know he had 11 catches vs Indy last week but he is garbage and won't repeat that performance until at least 5 weeks from now.


Lets Look at the TE's now

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers

The Tony Gonzo Division (Simply the best ever)

  1. Dallas Clark vs Ariz - Did anyone see him on MNF, is he a WR or a TE?
  2. Tony Gonzalez vs NE- Weird that he is ranked No. 2 in a division named after him but D. Clark is in a league of his own right now.
  3. Antonio Gates vs Mia- Look what Clark and Tony have done against the Fins this year, its Antonio's time.
  4. Chris Cooley vs Det- Detroit is always a nice matchup, plus the fact Campbell throws to no one else.

I'm a Soldier Division (Shutup Kellen Winslow, does it get more unlikeable then you?)

5. Kellen Winslow vs NYG - I hate the douche bag, but he is having one hell of a year, no reason to think it will change.

6. Jason Witten vs Car - He usually has his best games on primetime. Look for him to shine on MNF

7. Owen Daniels vs Jax- Shaubs go to guy behind Andre Johnson.  Johnson should create enough attention to let Owen get his catches.

8. Vishanthe Shianco vs SF - Favre can't throw for more then 20 yards these days which is great if you own his TE.

9. Ben Watson vs Atl-  If Moss and Welker are still nicked up look for Watson to have a big day.

10. Dustin Keller vs Tenn-  He is Sanchez's go to go, but Tenn will give Sanchez hell, interesting to see how this turns out.

The Rest Division (If you don't have any guys from above, you probably waited until round 12 to draft your TE)

11. Anthony Fasano vs. SD

12. Todd Heap vs Clev

13. Kevin Boss vs TB

14. Jermichael Finly vs Stl

15. Brent Celek vs KC


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