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January 21, 2010 2:16 AM

Championship Game Fantasy Football Rankings

By Derek Lofland, fantasy analyst at Fantasy Football Maniaxs

We continue our playoff position rankings for those of you that are involved in postseason fantasy football

Some websites allow you to pick any player you want for each round. Some assign a salary value to the player and make you pick a team that is under a salary cap.  

Others make you pick a roster to start the playoffs and stick to it until the Super Bowl, rewarding owners that pick the players that end up playing the most games. 


What we are going to do at Maniaxs is rank the starting players for each team for that week.  As always, leave questions in the comment section for your specific dilemna  and we will give you our expert advice.


QB - Divisional Round

1. Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) - Brees is playing great football and it is going to be tough to slow him down.  The Vikings have struggled to stop the pass at times this season.


2. Brett Favre (Minnesota Vikings) -The 40-year-old is coming off a four-touchdown pass game and plays a Saints defense that finished the season weak, before holding Arizona to 14 points. I think Brees and Favre are 1 and 1A; it should be a shootout in New Orleans.


3. Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts) - He is the four-time MVP, but the Jets have a very tough defense and will be able to slow him down.


4. Mark Sanchez (New York Jets) -The rookie will find no love in the rankings, but he is helping his team advance. Unfortunately, not making mistakes does not equal lots of fantasy points.



RB - Divisional Round

1. Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings) - He still has not broke out of his shell, but the Saints have the 25th ranked yardage defense this year and he has a great matchup to have a big game.


2. Shonn Green (New York Jets) - I think you have to go with him at this point over Thomas Jones. He is fresher and putting up the bigger numbers.


3. Reggie Bush (New Orleans Saints) - This is not just a reaction to the Cardinals performance of 80 yards rushing and a rushing touchdown, plus a return touchdown. The Vikings are No. 2 against the run, but the backs that give them trouble are the fast backs that can make it to the outside, away from the "Williams Wall". That back is Bush, he is the biggest matchup problem in the run game for the Vikings.


4. Joseph Addai (Indianapolis Colts) - Jets are the best defense left in the playoffs and the Colts combined for 42 yards rushing agianst the Ravens tough run defense last week.


5. Thomas Jones (New York Jets) - I would be a little concerned about starting him. He has a knee problem and is losing carries to Greene by the second, but of the backup backs, he is probably the best bet.


6. Chester Taylor (Minnesota Vikings) - Peterson sees the majority of the carries, but he is involved in the passing game and could play a role.


7. Pierre Thomas (New Orleans Saints) - He looked better last week, but has a terrible matchup against the No. 2 ranked run defense of the Vikings.


8. Donald Brown (Indianapolis Colts) - I think he has little to no value against the Jets run defense. Only thing you could hope for is a long run or a touchdown. Yards will be tough to come by.



WR - Divisional Round


1. Sidney Rice (Minnesota Vikings) - He is Favre's go-to guy and it looks like a star is being born with each passing game.


2. Marques Colston (New Orleans Saints) - He will be the main target for Brees and should have a big game at home.


3. Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts) - He is still a great player, but he is visiting "Revis Island" this week.


4. Percy Harvin (Minnesota Vikings) - He is a special teams ace and a dangerous receiver that Favre loves on third downs. The secondary of the Saints can be beat; if Favre has time to throw, Harvin could have a big day.


5. Pierre Garcon (Indianapolis Colts) - He is the player that is going to have to step up if Wayne cannot shake free.  He has the speed to make the Jets pay for paying too much attention to Wayne and TE Dallas Clark.


6. Robert Meachem (New Orleans Saints) - He is hurt, so keep your eyes on his injury status, but when healthy he has stepped up to be the big play receiver for the Saints.


7. Jerricho Cotchery (New York Jets) - I think the majority of the Jets yards will come on the ground, but of the two Jets receivers, Cotchery is the best option. He at least does not drop the ball.


8. Braylon Edwards (New York Jets) - Could be a good start, but you never know how many balls he will leave on the ground.


TE - Divisional Round

1. Dallas Clark (Indianapolis Colts) - He is easily the best tight end left, a must start.


2. Visanthe Shiancoe (Minnesota Vikings) - The Saints are going to concentrate on Peterson, just like every other team that played the Vikings this year. Shiancoe had 11 touchdown receptions this season as a result of that and had one last week against Dallas. I expect another touchdown this weekend.


3. Robert Thomas (New Orleans Saints) - Starting TE Jeremy Shockey is too hurt to practice and will probably play, but be limited. Neither is a great option, but I like Thomas better.  He should see more snaps that Shockey.


4. Dustin Keller (New York Jets) - A talented player playing in a run-first offense, he had three catches for 19 yards last week. Pass on him.

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