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March 21, 2010 6:12 PM

2010 MLB Preseason Power Rankings

2010 MLB power rankings.pngA look at the preseason edition of MLB power rankings for 2010.

25. Houston Astros

Save rising stars Michael Bourn and Hunter Pence, the Houston Astros are old.

Lance Berkman is 34, Roy Oswalt is 32, Carlos Lee is 33 (34 this June), Kaz Matsui is 34 and Pedro Feliz is about to turn 35.

And their "young" players expected to get a shot this season aren't exactly "supreme talents," as JR Towles has never found his stroke in his big league opportunities and Tommy Manzella is a career .269 minor league hitter.

For a lot of guys on this team (who have stuck around for mostly no other reason than because owner Drayton McLane feels an obligation to keep them around), this is going to be one of their last whoo-rahs.

And maybe that can serve as some sort of motivation to the 'stros.

But, this club just does not stack up that well to other teams around the National League...

9. Colorado Rockies

I will admit I had this team a lot lower than this when I started filling out my rankings.

But, upon further review, I have found a lot to like about this group.

In the outfield, there is speedster Dexter Fowler, power man Brad Hawpe and a fusion between the two with Carlos Gonzalez.

The infield features veteran Todd Helton and emerging-to-established star Troy Tulowitzki; and the staff is highlighted by Aaron Cook, Houston Street, Ubaldo Jimenez and Jorge "finds a way to win" De La Rosa.

This combination looks very, very good...and in that ballpark, watch out...

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