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March 6, 2010 7:42 AM

Is Matt Leinart Ready to Guide the Arizona Cardinals?

leinart_warner.jpgArizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart came into the NFL with a lot of promise. In three years as the USC Trojans' starter, he had a record of 37-2. He threw for 10,693 yards and 99 touchdowns with just 23 interceptions.

That résumé earned him the 10th pick in the 2006 draft and the promise of being a star quarterback for the Cardinals.


In his first season, he showed some promise by starting 11 games and throwing for 2,547 yards and 11 touchdowns with 12 interceptions. He followed that up with a 3-2 start where he struggled with just two touchdowns and four interceptions before being lost for the season with an injury. QB Kurt Warner took over for him and remained the starter going forward until retiring at the end of this season.


In those two-plus seasons, the Cardinals won back-to-back NFC West titles and appeared in Super Bowl XLIII. Now Leinart appears to be the starter again after three seasons as an understudy, and people are wondering how that change will affect the Cardinals' chances at a third consecutive NFC West title...

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