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March 7, 2010 1:26 PM

NFL Free Agency: Early Winners & Losers

dunta-robinson.jpgThe first weekend of free agency is always a busy one in the NFL.

Who are the early winners and losers? The big spenders and the most frugal?


Atlanta Falcons -

The Falcons improved a secondary that ranked 28th in the NFL in pass defense added a starting cornerback from the Houston Texans in CB Dunta Robinson.  The move cost them $57 million over six seasons with $25 million guaranteed.  


On the one hand, Robinson is only 28-years-old and should be able to help the Falcons over the next several seasons. On the other hand, he has 13 career interceptions, six of which came in his 2004 rookie season. That means seven interceptions in the last five years. Furthermore, the Texans have ranked no higher than 17th since Robinson joined the team.


Robinson can help the Falcons win games and he was the best cornerback on the market, but I do not see him as an impact defender that can carry the Falcons secondary. I think they may still need to address the secondary in the draft if they are going to fix this problem, which is a shame seeing they concentrated their opening weekend free agency efforts on Robinson and spent top dollar to acquire him. You would hope that signing this caliber of a player would be enough, but Robinson has not shown me he is capable of being the focal point of a secondary, like Charles Woodson in Green Bay or Darrelle Revis in New York...


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