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March 20, 2010 10:09 PM

Tom Brady & Randy Moss' Fantasy Football's Decline in 2010

tom_brady_randy_moss.jpgOne of the big challenges that confront Fantasy Football Owners is trying to identify which players are going to decline the following year. There are certain cases where it is very easy to identify that decline and cases when you have to look a little harder.

This year the easy choice for a Top-15 player likely to decline is Kansas City Chiefs RB Thomas Jones. Jones finished fifth in fantasy points scored in 2008 and sixth in 2009 as the featured running back for the New York Jets.

The Jets felt he was expendable with the emergence of 2009 rookie Shonn Greene (304 YDS-2 TDs in playoffs). Jones just is not going to see enough action to have a third consecutive year in the top 10 and furthermore he turns 32 years old in August.  If Chiefs' RB Jamaal Charles plays as well in 2010 (658 YDS-4 TDs last four games) as he did in 2009, it will relegate Jones to a second option this season.


However, you do not need to go to a fantasy football site to find out that Jones is not going to be a Top-15 running back next season. Here is a name I am going to throw out there that many people might not be talking about right now: New England Patriots QB Tom Brady...

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