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May 27, 2010 12:17 AM

Top 10 Underrated Fantasy Football Players For 2010

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Every season there are NFL players who are taken excessively low in fantasy football drafts only because they are not household names. Each season, the Maniaxs identify a list of 10 players that tend to go a lot lower than their fantasy production warrants.

Being on this list does not mean we think a player is an All-Pro player; it just means we think he is a better fantasy football option than people give him credit for. 

Many players put up big statistics but do not help the team win football games. It is possible to be a very good football fantasy player that does not help the team beat anybody.


1. Joseph Addai (Indianapolis Colts)

The view of him has been fantasy disappointment, and rightfully so for 2008, as he finished 39th among fantasy running backs. In 2007 he was the fifth-ranked fantasy running back, and in 2009 he was ninth, ahead of guys like St. Louis Rams RB Steven Jackson and Atlanta Falcons RB Michael Turner. Keep in mind that even though he only had 828 yards rushing, he added 51 receptions for 336 yards and scored 13 touchdowns.

He is a No. 2 running back that you will probably be able to find in the fifth round. People are scared about taking him, because of second-year RB Donald Brown, but even with Brown stealing carries last year, Addai still had good fantasy value, and he still should this year, especially if he continues to score touchdowns like he did in 2009.



2) Matt Schaub (Houston Texans)

Schaub has been one of those guys that people always say if he could stay healthy, he would be a great fantasy quarterback. In 2009, he delivered, leading the NFL in passing with 4,770 yards passing, which is the sixth highest total in NFL history.

Inexperienced Fantasy Owners will flock toward guys like New England Patriots QB Tom Brady or Indianapolis Cols QB Peyton Manning in the first or second round, because they have had big seasons in the past and are extremely popular. Schaub still has upside at 28 years old and could dominate fantasy leagues for years to come, even though his Texans have never won more than nine games in a single season. I think he outperforms both these quarterbacks in fantasy and will probably be around in the third or fourth round...

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