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June 15, 2010 6:20 PM

Ten Questions Heading into NFL Training Camps

brett-favre_wrangler.jpgIt is hard to believe that NFL training camps open in about six weeks, but the 2010 season is fast approaching as NFL OTAs wind down in June.

That also means that Fantasy Football drafts are going to be starting soon.

These are 10 headlines that are going to affect Fantasy Owners' draft boards:


1) Is Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre going to be selling Wranglers from Mississippi or Minnesota?

I think with this story you have to ignore what people are saying, as every comment made by a teammate or coach is put under a microscope.

Favre does not like training camp, which has been well documented the last two years. In May, he had an ankle surgery that the only reason he would need is if he wanted to play. The Vikings had a chance to trade for former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and did not. Once Washington acquired McNabb, Washington Redskins QB Jason Campbell became expendable, and the Vikings could have traded a fourth round pick like the Oakland Raiders did for Campbell and did not. The Vikings could have used a first or second round pick on a rookie quarterback but instead first addressed the position in the sixth round.

Looking at how the Vikings and Favre have conducted themselves this offseason, he is going to play. While it makes it risky to draft Favre or other Vikings offensive players before that is a known fact, this seems to be the worst-kept secret in NFL history. Short of that ankle not recovering from a routine surgery and Favre not physically being able to play, the evidence is overwhelming that he will be back in 2010...

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