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November 18, 2010 10:09 AM

Fantasy Football's Week 11 IDP Start and Sit

Jay_Ratliff.jpgI was away for the first time for the weekend this season and couldn't give my lineups the obsessive attention I usually do. Of course that means I had my best results all year.


Maybe there's a lesson in there telling me not to overthink things. But who I am kidding? Especially when I'm in a few playoff hunts, I'm always looking for the best possible play at each position. Fortunately this week gives us a lot of fine options.

Defensive Linemen to Start

Jay Ratliff, Cowboys - The season-ending injury to Marcus Spears has forced the Cowboys to improvise along their line, shifting Ratliff around from his usual nose tackle position. This has freed him up to make more tackles and get closer to opposing quarterbacks. Detroit gives Ratliff a prime opportunity in Week 11...

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