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November 4, 2010 7:54 AM

Randy Moss Joins Tennessee Titans, His Third Team of the Season

randy_moss_angry.jpgThe Tennessee Titans were the only team to submit a claim for recently cut wide receiver Randy Moss. The addition of Moss makes the Titans an immediate threat in the AFC. The timing couldn't work out any better for Tennessee, as they have a bye this week and will have two weeks to incorporate Moss into their offense, which is currently ranked 24th overall.

The Titans are currently 5-3 on the season and sit just half a game behind the division-leading Colts. Starting running back Chris Johnson has not had nearly as good of a season as he did last year, but adding a deep threat will open things up for him.

The move also helps quarterback Vince Young tremendously. Young, often criticized for his passing ability, is at his best when he is throwing down the field. Moss is exactly that type of player and will mesh very well with Young.

Tennessee plays in a tough division with the Colts and Texans, but with the addition of Moss they give themselves an excellent chance for a division title, as they still play four games against their two biggest divisional threats and one against the Jags, who are no pushover either.

The real question is, what effect will Moss have for Tennessee: the effect he had on the Patriots a few years ago in making them one of the most dominant offenses of all time, or the effect he had in Oakland and his second stop in Minnesota, in which he was not very productive and caused more headaches for his own team than opposing teams?

Personally, I think Moss will have a positive effect for the Tennessee offense. Somewhere in his mind, Moss has to realize teams are running out of patience with him and don't feel that the risk he brings outweighs the potential reward (as evidenced by only one NFL team submitting a claim on him).

The only question mark with Moss is his motivation. He was not motivated to play with Brett Favre and showed as much by not making an effort to catch a long pass that was easily within reach once he knew a penalty would be called. Perhaps his motivation will be higher with a team that is 5-3 and in legitimate playoff contention than it was for a team that was struggling.

It appears that Moss respects Jeff Fisher not only as a coach but also as a man, and if any coach in the league can get Moss to play hard, it's Coach Fisher.

By Torey Ziska, NFL analyst at Fantasy Football Maniaxs

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