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November 24, 2010 9:51 AM

Week 12 Power Rankings

NFL_Power_Rankings.jpgWeek 11 was a Fantasy Football lover's dream week, unless of course you were facing wideouts Greg Jennings or Steve Johnson. Twelve NFL teams scored over 30 points and numerous players scored 'garbage time' touchdowns, including Larry Fitzgerald (with no time remaining and down by 25) and Brandon Lloyd (down 28 midway through the fourth quarter).

Both the NFL and fantasy leagues everywhere, teams' playoff hopes began to get crushed after Week 11. Thankfully for fantasy owners, there is no such thing as 'home' and 'away.' This is the year of the away team in the NFL as seven more road teams won this week and three others came within seconds of joining that list.


The contenders and pretenders are becoming more well known each week, and that is reflected in this weeks' rankings. Only one team moved more than three spots, and the top seven remained unchanged.


Teams' previous ranking in ( ).


1. New England Patriots (1): Losing to the Browns appeared to be just a hiccup for the Pats. At 8-2 there is no doubt they are once again a Super Bowl Contender. They are starting to get consistency in the running game; if they can get the defense to follow suit they will be scary.


2. Atlanta Falcons (2): Atlanta continues to roll. Let's see how their defense performs this week against a hot Green Bay offense.


3.Pittsburgh Steelers (3): The Steelers steamrolled the Raiders making everyone forget their overall poor play in their previous three games. They face a trap game this week against the Bills; they need to make sure they aren't looking ahead to their December 5 matchup with the Ravens.


4. Philadelphia Eagles (4): The Eagles are 5-0 in games Michael Vick starts and finishes. If he can stay healthy the Eagles have to be a favorite to reach the Super Bowl.

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