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November 30, 2010 9:00 AM

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

NFL_Power_Rankings.jpgClearly, home field advantage in the NFL is not as important as it once was, as the year-of-the-road team continues, with nine visiting teams coming away with wins and three others coming extremely close. One home team that took care of business was the Atlanta Falcons, as they moved to 19-1 in home games that Matt Ryan starts.

This week's feel good story came from Monday Night Football as Brian Westbrook ran wild against the Arizona Cardinals after having just nine total rushing yards all season. Despite facing a poor run defense, it was good to see Westbrook show 49er fans what he is still capable of going forward as Frank Gore will be out the remainder of the season..


This week, the top three teams remain unchanged and early season favorites such as the Colts drop to their lowest ranking in over two years.


Teams' previous rankings in ( ).


1. New England Patriots (1): After trailing at halftime, a 35-point second half propelled New England to their ninth win of the season.


2. Atlanta Falcons (2): The Falcons don't lose at home, especially with Ryan behind center. Atlanta has a favorable schedule and could finish with the best record in the NFC. Can Ryan win on a neutral field?


3. Pittsburgh Steelers (3): Apparently God is a Steelers fan, or at least he was during Week 12.

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