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December 29, 2010 8:56 AM

2010 NFL Awards

browns patriots.JPGThe 2010 NFL Season has been one of the most unpredictable seasons in NFL history. Each week there were stunning results and exciting games. The New England Patriots had the best team in the NFL and won their last seven games to clinch the AFC No. 1 Seed, but lost to the Cleveland Browns 34-14 this year.

The Green Bay Packers were a Super Bowl pick at the start of the season that appeared on the brink of disaster when they lost to the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots to drop to 8-6. Their six losses were by a combined 20 points. However, they stepped up and beat the New York Giants 45-17 to reclaim their hold on the last playoff spot. Finally, the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings had Super Bowl hopes on their mind. All three will finish the season with a losing record.



With one week left in the 2010 NFL season, it is time to hand out some awards and look back at the exciting season. Who was the MVP? What rookie impressed the most? What was the best game of the season?


MVP:  New England Patriots QB Tom Brady - His only real competition for the award is Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick and that dream ended when the Eagles lost to the Minnesota Vikings 24-14 in Week 16. Brady has been unreal this year throwing for 3,701 yards passing, 34 touchdown passes, four interceptions and a QB rating of 109.8. Brady has not thrown an interception in 319 passing attempts and has a chance to extend that record this week. The Patriots are 13-2 and have already wrapped up the AFC Number One Seed.


Vick has been impressive, but he missed three games due to injury and was not a starter in the opener. As a result, he has less passing yards (2,755), touchdown passes (20), and still has more interceptions (5). What Vick has that Brady does not have is rushing ability; he has tacked on 613 yards rushing and eight rushing touchdowns.


Brady finished the season better. The Patriots have won their last seven games and clinched the No. 1 seed. Brady had 20 touchdown passes and no interceptions in those seven games. Vick had three turnovers in a loss that cost his team a chance to stay alive for the second seed. That will have an impact with voters and clear the way for Brady to win his second NFL MVP since 2007.

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