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December 1, 2010 11:15 AM

Fantasy Football's Week 13 IDP Waiver Wire

brandon graham.jpgAs the fantasy regular season comes to an end, I'll be using this column to highlight the players I'll be watching for a role on dynasty squads for next year. This means I'll most likely mention players already covered in previous columns, but with a different perspective. These players may help you win (or at least not lose) a playoff game, but are more likely to help you get into the playoffs in 2011.



Defensive Linemen

Brandon Graham, Eagles - I've written before about overzealous expectations for rookie DEs. It's the hardest position in the league to make the transition from the college to the pro game. People talk about third-year WRs, so maybe I should start writing articles about third-year DEs.


Graham is a perfect example. So much was expected from him straight out of the gate that many owners who proudly drafted him in the preseason may have already soured on him. He lost playing time midseason but got it back when Juqua Parker got injured. He's responded with five solo tackles, a forced fumble and a sack in the last two games. Granted, the sack came against the Bears, so it shouldn't count for much. But his current play is strong enough to make a reasonable bet that he keeps growing in 2011.

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