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December 1, 2010 9:36 AM

Week 13 Fantasy Rankings by Position

The top 25 QBs, 50 RBs, 60 WRs and 20 TEs for Week 13 of the Fantasy Football season.


1) Michael Vick vs. Houston

2) Aaron Rodgers vs. San Francisco

3) Philip Rivers vs. Oakland

4) Peyton Manning vs. Dallas

5) Kyle Orton @ Kansas City

6) Drew Brees @ Cincinnati

7) Jay Cutler @ Detroit

8) Matt Cassel vs. Denver

9) Matt Ryan @ Tampa Bay

10) Tom Brady vs. New York Jets

11) Eli Manning vs. Washington

12) Mark Sanchez @ New England

13) Matt Schaub @ Philadelphia

14) Joe Flacco vs. Pittsburgh

15) Josh Freeman vs. Atlanta

16) Sam Bradford @ Arizona

17) Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Minnesota

18) Ben Roethlisberger @ Baltimore*

19) David Garrard @ Tennessee**

20) Carson Palmer vs. New Orleans

21) Brett Favre vs. Buffalo***

22) Chad Henne vs. Cleveland

23) Donovan McNabb @ New York Giants

24) Jon Kitna @ Indianapolis

25) Kerry Collins vs. Jacksonville****


* Roethlisberger will be limited this week with a foot injury, but all indications are he will play.

** Garrard suffered a sprained wrist on his non-throwing hand, but should start this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

*** In addition to Favre's growing number of injuries, RB Adrian Peterson is having an MRI and we will announce Peterson's status later in the week. The injury is not believed to be serious, but not having Peterson would allow the Bills to commit more resources to stopping the passing game.

**** Collins is expected to start this week, but we will update his status later in the week if new information changes are mind.

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