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September 27, 2009 4:50 PM

"Rampage" Jackson retirement talk won't last

There is a well known saying throughout the sporting landscape that deals with important decisions: Don't make them emotionally.

Or something like that.

I don't know but what I do know is that Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's decision to "retire" from the MMA via a post on his website at a time when a lot of heated discussion surrounding his participation in the "A-Team" remake movie seems pretty emotional to me.

Sure, my writing this column with the side that I have taken also has to do with emotion considering Jackson is my favorite fighter. The thing is at 31, Jackson just isn't ready to retire as a fighter.

He's a born fighter. Plain and simple, fighting is in his blood. Since growing up on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee as the youngest of 15 children, Jackson has had to fight for everything that he has earned in his life. He doesn't know anything different. He can't.

Earlier this week Jackson made a very important decision based completely on emotion. He has been called out by the likes of Dana White and nearly every MMA fan that frequents the blog sites and doesn't know anything. For a man who revolves around his ego, the way he is perceived, it was very emotional for him to be essentially disrespected.

So what did he do? He responded in an emotional way. He gave everyone something they didn't want to hear because nobody wants to see one of the best light heavyweight fighters to fight in the sport's short history. Not to mention at 31, the former UFC champion is still very much in his prime. Seeing him hang up the gloves would be an unwelcome sight to everyone.

My bet is by November, when his filming of the "A-Team" is over, "Rampage" will be clamoring to fight his nemesis Rashad Evans. Shortly followed by a great urge to get his title back.

Because Rampage is a fighter.

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