Fighter's Corner

May 10, 2010 3:03 PM

Paul Daley, Kimbo cut from UFC roster

Late Saturday evening, as the production crew was taking down the octagon and cleaning up after a very successful UFC 113 in Montreal, two fighters saw the axe come down on their futures in the UFC.

Not surprising one of those fighters was Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice. Ferguson lost to Matt Mitrione -- a veteran of all of two fights -- by second round TKO stoppage. With the loss to a guy like Mitrione, there really is nowhere else to go but to another promotion.

Ferguson, 36, just isn't anything more than a sideshow. He has his goofy beard and his bald head and that's about it. Now he can take those and go home to retire.

The other cut was a little bit more surprising as the UFC released Paul Daley after his postfight antics against Josh Koscheck. After being outperformed by fellow welterweight competitor Koscheck in a No. 1 contender's match, frustration got the best of Daley and he got up off the mat, side-stepped the referee and threw a brutal left hand that connected to the side of Koscheck's head moments after the final bell sounded.

It was a disgusting act that UFC President Dana White called "completely ridiculous" and apparently felt warranted not only an immediate release but a lifelong ban from the UFC.

Too bad for Daley and his fans, but you do something that foolish and well, you get what you deserve, don't you? He's young, he's talented so his career won't be hurt too badly by this but it certainly will be a shame for him not to fight in the UFC ever again.

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