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July 4, 2010 3:03 PM

Brock Lesnar reigns supreme at a classic UFC 116

Brock Lesnar returned after a year long absence which was ruled by a nearly fatal bout with diverticulitis to withstand a brutal onslaught by challenger Shane Carwin en route to a second round submission win.

Lesnar (5-1) scored his second title defense in impressive fashion. Not so much because of anything he did offensively but just through his heart to withstand a beating that no other fighter has been able to take without quickly going to sleep.

Remember, Carwin entered the octagon Saturday with an undefeated 12-0 record in which all 12 of his opponents were stopped in the first round and the vast majority by beatings akin to the one former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir received back in March in his last fight.

Carwin is no chump, that's for sure. At 6'2" and every bit of the 265 he weighs in at prior to the fight, Carwin is a monster for any heavyweight to contend with. His hands at 4 XL are going to be the only ones that rival Lesnar's.

Yet through all of that, through an entire round of pummeling of boulder-sized fists slamming upside his head, Lesnar endured. He found a way to survive and by doing so he took Carwin to a place he's never been -- the second round. And it paid off.

Now Lesnar, 32, will move on to face another undefeated contender in Cain Velasquez (8-0) sometime later this year.

The rest of the UFC 116 card was just as dramatic and thrilling as the main event. Chris Leben, fighting on just two weeks rest, came from behind to submit Yoshihiro Akiyama from his back in round three of last night's co-main event.

Then there was the two round slugfest that was the Stephan Bonnar/Krzysztof Soszynski war. Both fighters stood toe-to-toe unleashing bombs upon each other's face. Bonnar emerged victorious via TKO despite suffering some nasty cuts under each eye and being almost out on a number of different occasions. Bonnar just showed tremendous heart in earning a much needed win.

And there was the epic slam by Gerald Harris on Dave Branch to finish the fight, a feat rarely witnessed in MMA these days.

All in all, it was a spectacular event for the UFC and president Dana White, one of the best in its young history.

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