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July 3, 2010 4:20 AM

Day One Of The New Blog

For the record, this is my first blog for Real Clear Sports.  Each Saturday morning, I will be simulcasting my blog from The Front Row 144 to The Real Clear Sports Blog Network. I am hoping this will mean more exposure.  If you are on the Front Row, take a few minutes and check out the Real Clear networks, it is way worth it. 

Now on to the subject of this blog, the Phillies.
Is it time to panic?  Is it time to accept that there will not be a third straight pennant or fourth straight division title?
Have injuries so decimated this team that it is now a bottom division dweller?
Should thought now turn to next year?
Quite frankly, no, no, no, and no.
Granted, our local nine lost their second in a row to an absolutely piss ant of a professional baseball team, but fear not Phillies baseball fans.
The team has been in this position before and is professional enough not to panic.  They have enough veteran players to weather this injury storm, and really?  Do the Mets or Braves strike fear in your hearts?
With all of that said, today is a must win!
Peace out.  I will refrain from making this a long blog.  As you will see, if you follow this blog, I tend to post long with wins, and short with losses.  I call this positive reinforcement blogging.
Esté bien.
Y déme una cerveza fría.

-- The last witch to be executed in the United States was in Salem, MA in the year 1692.  That was also the last year some one other than Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Argentina, France, or Portugal won the World Cup.  Here is to Slovakia spanking the Dutch today and moving into the finals and possibly breaking over three hundred years of seven country soccer rule.
-- Jason Werth has struck out seven times in his last ten at-bats; the way he has responded to his contract pressure leads me to think he cannot handle the pressure à la  number 6, number, 11, and number 26.  If he gets more than a three year contract, there will be many players turning over in their graves.
-- The Tour de France begins today, and count me in as a nutcase viewer.  As an ardent bicyclist, I appreciate the complexity and sheer impossibility of this race.  I am, of course, rooting for Lance.  I sure wish Hincapie was riding with him though. 

* Quick Hit Observations - This a feature of my blog where I note quick, short, insightful observations from the prior day's games, or something random that popped into my head and does not fit into the current posting.  To have an entry in this section, email it to me and if I deem it interesting, I will post and cite you for your brilliance.

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