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August 24, 2009 8:02 PM

Getting Started

Let's face it people, there is a multitude of websites that dedicate themselves to fantasy sports and many of them say pretty much the same thing. As an avid fantasy sports player I have come to realize this after hundreds (probably more like thousands in all honesty) of hours spent researching and managing my various teams. Of course, no one has enough time to visit every site. When first starting out, it's important to scour the web just to see what's out there and find a combination of different perspectives that you're comfortable with and enjoy reading. While I've settled on a rotation of sites that I trust, agree with, and check several times throughout the day, I'm always open to new sources of insight as long as they offer a fresh perspective that I can't find elsewhere. That's where this blog comes into play, really. I understand that this will not be the only blog you come to for fantasy sports advice (in fact, I wholeheartedly encourage you to diversify your sources of information), but my hope is that it becomes a place where you can come to receive input from a unique perspective. I'm no self-proclaimed fantasy sports expert, but I promise, I do my research, watch the games, and develop my own opinions. Now that I'm making promises, why don't I make a few more? Here's what you can come to expect from me during the course of the next year:

  1. My primary focus until the end of 2009 will be on fantasy football, but I will not neglect baseball and basketball by any means.
  2. I am open to suggestions and inquiries. Feel free to email me at and I'll respond in a timely fashion (please do understand that, as shocking as it may sound, I have a life outside of this blog so it may take more than 24 hours for me to respond on occasion).
  3. I will be objective in my writing. Sure, I have my allegiances (we all do), but there's little room for that in fantasy sports.
  4. I will not always be right. No one is perfect. My goal is to provide you with another point of view that you can consider and think about while YOU make decisions regarding YOUR team(s).
  5. I will post as much as I can. My time, however, cannot entirely be spent in this virtual fantasy world. Please respect that.

Let me conclude this post by saying that I am excited to be doing this and hope that I can help you all (except those whom I'm competing have no chance...give up!) in your fantasy sports endeavors. Time to get things rolling!

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