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September 4, 2009 7:04 PM

5th Round

Round 5

1. Eddie Royal A Brush With...

2. Antonio Gates Ice King

3. Joseph Addai Dragon

4. Matt Ryan Beware! TreeHasCrabs

5. Matt Schaub The Dudes

6. Brandon Marshall shark's in t...

7. Vincent Jackson BunnyT69

8. Donnie Avery the problem

9. Roy Williams World Watchers

10. Lee Evans 8thstreetlatina

11. Anthony Gonzalez Feed to Suce...

12. Dallas Clark Troubanos

Matt Ryan
Commentary: With QBs Philip Rivers and Donovan McNabb taken in the 4th round, I felt as though I couldn't wait any longer to grab my quarterback. I had Falcons QB Matt Ryan listed as the guy I wanted in my pre-draft preparation, so I went ahead and made sure I got him. What I like most about this pick is that it provided me with an elite QB to WR combination, pairing Ryan with his top receiver, Roddy White (who I selected in the 2nd round for those of you with short memories...or better things to remember than my draft picks). Now every time White scores a touchdown I get almost double the points (passing TDs are 4 points while receiving TDs are 6).

Other notable picks from this round, in my opinion, were Broncos WR Eddie Royal (A Brush With Death), Chargers WR Vincent Jackson (BunnyT69), and Colts WR Anthony Gonzalez (Feed to Succeed LLP). I thought each of these owners got good value out of their picks, as I expect all three of these guys to outperform their draft slots. After Kellen's (Dragon) selection of Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez late in the 4th round, the two remaining elite tight ends (Antonio Gates and Dallas Clark) came off the board in the 5th, which impacted the 6th round as you'll soon read about.

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