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September 6, 2009 7:26 PM

Draft Commentary: Round 8

Round 8

1. Kevin Walter Troubanos

2. David Garrard Feed to Suce...

3. Lance Moore 8thstreetlatina

4. Kellen Winslow World Watchers

5. Fred Jackson the problem

6. Devin Hester BunnyT69

7. Ahmad Bradshaw shark's in t...

8. Torry Holt The Dudes

9. Larry Johnson Beware! TreeHasCrabs

10. Jamal Lewis Dragon

11. New York Ice King

12. Le'Ron McClain A Brush With...

Larry Johnson
Commentary: Once Dave (8thstreetlatina) took Bears TE Greg Olsen in the 7th and Todd took Kellen Winslow of the Tampa Bay Bucs, I decided that I would wait a few more rounds to grab my tight end. It's rare for owners to draft a backup TE and, by the time I was on the clock in round 8, only 2 other teams (A Brush With Death and the problem) had yet to pick up a TE. With that in mind, I figured that only 4 (maybe 5) tight ends would be taken in the remainder of the drafts. Looking at the list of available options I saw John Carlson (Sea), Dustin Keller (NYJ), Visanthe Shiancoe (Min), Anthony Fasano (Mia), and Heath Miller (Pit), at which point I decided that I could wait on a TE and use my next few picks on backups. Also important to note is that I drafted in between the 2 teams that needed TEs, thus reducing the probability of 2 TEs being taken between two of my picks.

Now that I've touched upon who I didn't take, let me talk about the pick that I did make. Shae's (shark's in the water) selection of Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw pretty much forced me to take Chiefs RB Larry Johnson since he was the last true starting back on the board. I could have gone with my sleeper WR (who'll be named in the next post) here, but I felt like grabbing the last remaining option at RB (for me, at least...I didn't like any of the other available RBs) so I went ahead and picked LJ. I'm not crazy about him, but I don't see much competition in KC (backup Jamaal Charles has developed a fumbling problem this off-season) and the Cassel to Bowe connection should keep defenses somewhat honest (Cassel's injury isn't a good sign, but I don't think he'll miss much time). Unfortunately, LJ's offensive line is pretty bad and he's had injury issues recently, but I took him as my 4th RB so I don't have to rely on him unless things go really bad for me this season. I figure that at least one of my backups (LJ or Benson) will pan out and be a viable option for me this year (although both would be nice!).

Along with the Bradshaw pick, Adam's (Troubanos) selection of Texans WR Kevin Walter with the first pick this round deserves some praise. Walter's a big target that starts opposite Andre Johnson (remember him from the 1st round?), so he'll almost never see double coverage and can use his big frame to shield off defensive backs. He's not going to put up huge numbers, but he's a solid player to have on your bench as a bye week filler.

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