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September 6, 2009 7:30 PM

Draft Commentary: Round 9

Round 9

1. Donald Driver A Brush With...

2. Jay Cutler Ice King

3. Matt Hasselbeck Dragon

4. Percy Harvin Beware! TreeHasCrabs

5. Donald Brown The Dudes

6. Pittsburgh shark's in t...

7. Baltimore BunnyT69

8. Derrick Mason the problem

9. Michael Crabtree World Watchers

10. Carson Palmer 8thstreetlatina

11. Tennessee Feed to Suce...

12. Chris Henry Troubanos

Rookie WR Percy Harvin
Commentary: With 4 RBs on my roster, I felt it was time to secure a 4th WR. There were question marks with every receiver on the board, but the guy that stood out to me was Vikings first round pick, Percy Harvin (one of my sleepers to look out for in 2009). Similar to why I like Leon Washington and Ahmad Bradshaw, Harvin is a threat to score every time he touches the ball (at least he was at Florida and I expect him to be the same way in the pros). Harvin is just one of many offensive weapons in Minnesota, but word is that the team has around 20 plays designed specifically to get him the ball. With that in mind, the team obviously wants to get him involved, and the way I see it, the more he's involved, the more he'll produce. I anticipate he'll have a season similar to DeSean Jackson's rookie campaign in 2008 (62 catches, 912 yards, and 3 TDs...including the punt he returned for a touchdown). I have plenty of time to determine if Harvin will be a reliable fantasy option (Welker and Bowe don't have their common bye until week 8), but I expect him to be an integral part of an explosive offense immediately. I'm definitely happy I was able to grab him in the 9th round.

There are very few bargains better than Bears QB Jay Cutler in the 9th round. He's proven that he's an elite NFL quarterback, but most fantasy owners are concerned about his supporting cast in Chicago. The fact of the matter is, however, that great quarterbacks aren't made great by the players around them. Instead, they make the players around them better. The addition of Cutler to the Bears is going to enhance the production of each skill player in that offense, from RB Matt Forte to WRs Devin Hester and Earl Bennett. While his numbers will likely decrease a bit going from a pass-first team to a run-first team, the Bears didn't give up the farm for Cutler to hand the ball off to Forte. They'll let him do what he does best: sling the ball down the field. Really nice value pick for Dan (Ice King).

One pick I really don't understand is Todd's (World Watchers) selection of 49ers holdout WR Michael Crabtree. Training camp is the most important part of the season for rookies as it introduces them to the team's playbook and allows them to build rapport with their new teammates. Crabtree is making the biggest mistake of his life by missing the entire preseason (and possibly some, if not all, of the regular season). Even if he signs today, there's just no way he'll produce in 2009. He's simply missed out on too much and, like JaMarcus Russell after his long holdout in 2007, his rookie season will be completely lost as a result of this poor decision. Crabtree should not be drafted in any leagues, especially not in the 9th round where you should be taking players that you can plug into your lineup during bye weeks or in case of injury.

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