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September 4, 2009 2:56 AM


Round 2
1. Steve Smith Troubanos
 2. Brian Westbrook Feed to Suce...
3. Drew Brees 8thstreetlatina
4. Chris Johnson World Watchers
5. Steven Jackson the problem
6. Reggie Wayne BunnyT69
7. Greg Jennings shark's in t...
8. Marion Barber The Dudes

9. Roddy White Beware! TreeHasCrabs

10. Anquan Boldin Dragon

11. Brandon Jacobs Ice King

12. Tom Brady A Brush With...

Roddy White
Comments: As I mentioned in the previous post, I had a plan and a backup plan going into this draft. I was either taking a top RB (Forte...or MJD as it turned out) then a 2nd tier WR (Jennings, White, Wayne, Boldin, Colston, Owens, Welker) or Larry Fitz followed by the best player available. My guy, Jones-Drew, fell to me and I couldn't pass him up. That meant I would target one of the aforementioned receivers. Falcons WR Roddy White was the best one I saw, so I selected him and scrambled with my co-manager, who likes to be called José, to make an ordered list of players we'd like in the 3rd round.
Another pick that I really like in this round was Pete's (the problem) selection of Rams RB Steven Jackson. Jackson has had some injury issues in the past two seasons, but he's back healthy now and will be the centerpiece of the Rams offense. Their offensive line is below par, but he's a special talent that doesn't need huge holes in front of him to make plays (they are helpful, though...of course). Further, he's one of the better receiving running backs in the NFL (mind you, he had a career-high 90 receptions in 2006...he stayed healthy that year). Probably the best part about him is that he doesn't want to be traded (Warriors reference there). Nice pick, Pedro. He'll be watching NFC West games this year for sure (49ers fan, and owner of RBs Gore and Jackson).
Now, let make take this opportunity to say that it's incredibly rewarding knowing that someone out there is taking my writing to heart, even if he is a competitor (and for the next 5 months, mortal enemy) of mine. One of the things I appreciate most about my good friend, Jeremy (owner of The Dudes), is that he's such a good listener. Just a few days after reading my NFC East value picks post, Jeremy goes out and turns my words into action, taking Marion Barber with the 8th pick in the draft's 2nd round. Good stuff, Jemaine. Keep up the good work, sport.

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